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Motorised bogies

The motorised bogie is our universal and robust solution for automation tasks in handling and material flow. The bogie has a modular structure with a logical, functional design, allowing it to be adapted extremely quickly and cost-effectively to on-site conditions, as well as to different tasks and requirements.
The motorised bogie consists of a bogie foot as a construction size-independent functional unit and an associated roller bearing or precision gearbox rotating frame for holding pallets or tools. The bogie is driven by a gear motor or servo motor with a chain or toothed belt drive system. The turntable is locked pneumatically in the end positions, and the locked and unlocked positions are queried electrically. This locking is not used for positioning, but as a collision protection during loading and unloading. Up 0.5 " handling accuracy is achieved. The size, transit time and rack assembly are individually adapted to customer requirements.
Pallets changing is even possible during the ongoing workpiece removal process, thanks to the permanent support of the rotating frame by additional eccentric rollers. This construction also enables sensor-guided robot removal of the components (detection range +/- 0.3 mm).
Combined with ram protection and collision protection, damage to the turntable by improper loading and unloading can and is prevented.

Manual bogie

The structure is identical. If desired, a manual-electrically-operated support can be attached, which works on the principle of a "dead man's control".



1: Safety fence
Separation of the protected area
Start of the safety fence is the lower edge of the turntable, the upper edge is 2150mm, the width corresponds to the diameter of the interfering edge
2: Load carrier position control
Check that the pallet is inserted in the correct position
Make: Bi30U-CK40.AP6X-H1141, Turck company
3: Light sensor optional
Check the presence of the pallet
Make: WTB 27-3 P2 461, Sick company

4: Wiper plates
Attached at the front - Screwed version

5: Support rollers
Support the turntable, which prevents the turntable from tilting during loading
6: Pneumatic lock
Centers and locks the rotary table in the end positions
7: Back stops
Facilitate loading of the bogie by providing a fixed stop
8: Lateral guide rails
Facilitates loading through lateral guide function

9: Centering mandrels
Design per load carrier once as round mandrel and once as sword mandrel

10: Bearing blocks
Guarantee a stable support of the pallet, even if the pallet feet are damaged

11: Limit switch
Overflow switch: roller lever limit switch
Z4VH335-11z-M20, Schmersal company with PG screw connection
Motor switch-off: Proximity switch
Bi30U-CK40.AP6X2-H1141, Turck (optional)
Safety switch (optional): Non-contact
Safety switch with two transponders
Type: SIDENT / IV-40fq50n20-11Sh1C, Transponder
SIDENT / B-22fv20-4O1, Klaschka company
12: Floor stop
Shouldering of the pneumatic lock for side loading
Two stops each against the loading direction ensure the correct position of the entire bogie (supplied loose)